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Design with passion
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Valuma is certainly a Portuguese chair.
With name and form inspired by the caravels of other times, it tells us a small part of history when Portugal was discovering new worlds.

Its shape is inspired by the hull of a caravel, where we applied a cross-sectional cut, leaving in sight the inside.

From the emptiness emerges a front panel, inspired by the iconic Portuguese filigree, symbolizing the culture, customs of a people and the arts of man.
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Valuma detail
Valuma at day
Valuma in the afternoon
Valuma at night
Valuma metal front
Valuma back
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Valuma is a wide chair that emerges from the ground as one piece, establishing a complicity relationship with the space.

During the day, the hollow interior allows the shadow from the front panel to be projected creating curiosity in the observer.

At night, Valuma gets a second life, lighting up and projecting light abroad.

The structure can be implemented in various colors and types of wood. The front panel, that is removable, and can be made out of metal, adding versatility to the piece.

It is prepared to enter production. Information about selling please contact.

Valuma is a chair created by the designers Jens Sievert, Nuno Oliveira and Paulo Fernandes.
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Jens Sievert

-"There was a desire to create something inspired by Portugal. With strong presence and character. Design is also emotion."

Nuno Oliveira

-"Teamwork is essential to great design. To go beyond the concept of a project and to live it."
Paulo Fernandes

-"The balance between form and function was the biggest challenge of this project, far beyond the beauty of the chair."